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Hot Summer Job: Diving for golf balls – Help Wanted NOW!

(DiverWire) Are you a scuba diver looking for an “interesting” summer job? WaterDog Golf, a New England based company, announced this morning that the company is looking for scuba divers to support the retrieval of golf balls from ponds at contracted golf courses.

According to company President Forrest Rothchild, the is a need for trained scuba divers to help locate and retrieve golf balls throughout the country. His company specializes in golf courses in the New England region.

“It’s a unique opportunity that can be very lucrative,” he says. “Divers need to be comfortable underwater for long periods of time and be familiar with exposure protection and full-face mask diving.”

Divers are paid on a per ball basis and must be able to work in limited visibility conditions, normally less than 30’ underwater for extended periods of time. The work is physically demanding and will require the movement of 65 pound plus bags of golf balls.

The position is based in New England, and requires the ability to commute to different golf courses in the region. The dive season in New England goes from late April to late November.

The position is for an independent contractor that WaterDog will contract with for the recovery of balls. The company will work with the selected divers to become established as independent contractors and will sign a retrieval contract with each diver.


  • Open water dive certification
  • Must possess gear and equipment needed to perform the task of golf ball retrieval
  • Must have the ability to commute to different courses and transport, store and secure golf balls for eventual delivery to our facility
  • Ability to work independently and in pairs
  • Must be professional and presentable, with the ability to conduct themselves as appropriate in a golf course environment


  • $0.08 per ball yielded. Expected average daily yield is 3000+ balls equating to $240.00 per day or $30 per hour or $1200 per week during the dive season.
  • Paid upon delivery of the balls to WaterDog Golf, HQ in Bloomfield, CT.

WaterDog is looking for individuals who enjoy diving and working outdoors. Balls retrieved and compensation tied directly to diver ambition and work ethic.

To find out more about this opportunity, please call us at  860-967-3041  or contact us online at