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Industry Begins Fund-Raiser for Well-Known Industry Professional

Several well-known figures in the dive industry have joined a cause to help an in-need dive professional in Palau. Francis Toribiong has been diving and working with dive travelers in Palau for many years. Here’s some details of his situation:

Our friend Francis Toribiong – – family man, explorer, mentor and dive legend – – was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. Seeking medical assistance in the US, Francis and Susan flew to Medford, Oregon where they are staying with their friend Dr. Bob Jensen. Initially diagnosed with a tumor in his sinus cavity, Francis’s doctors are now saying the cancer has spread into his brain. They are doing all they can to control and shrink the tumor’s size. Francis has been going through extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments since July. Physically strong and mentally fit, Francis has a very good chance of winning this battle.

To help Francis fight this battle, please donate using one of the options listedin this link for more details:

Unfortunately, when Francis and Susan moved back to Palau from the US a few years ago, their health insurance was cancelled and never renewed. With medical bills soaring to more than US $120,000.00 thus far and no insurance to cover it, Francis and Susan are in dire need of financial assistance. Thus, we are asking for donations to help alleviate their soaring medical bills. Whether you are a friend, an associate or just a compassionate soul, your help is greatly needed.

Francis’ friends: Carl Roessler, David Doubilet, Bill Acker & Family, Chuck & Roz Nicklin, Avi & Orly Klapfer, Tim Rock, Lee & June Webber, Geri Murphy, Al Hornsby, Amos Nachoum, Tova Harel & Navot Bornovski

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