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Founder of unveils new BREATHE pendant

(DiverWire) Sometimes a deep breath is all you need to regroup and re-energize. But for those days when you need a friendly reminder, Gogh Jewelry Design has just introduced a unique grounding pendant, conveniently etched with those magic words: “BREATHE”.

Designed in part by DiverWire contributing writer Szilvia Gogh of, this classy accessory is made for those who are just a little too busy, who forget to relax and enjoy the simpler things. After all, you can’t stop and smell the roses if you’re running out of breath.

The stunning, symmetrical twist bead shape from Swarovski is handmade from Sterling Silver and has amazing, alluring facets that are not to be missed. If you like a subtle glimmer of light in your jewelry, this Necklace is for you!

While you are wearing your crystals as jewelry, the crystal vibrations work continuously on your imbalances. We all need to be reminded every now and then to take a breath.


Color vibrations are a source of power, each one having a general as well as a specific function and purpose. The seven color rays are spiritual forces emanating from the white light. They are perpetually vibrating – not only on the surface of the earth – but also above and through it, encircling the globe in streams of endless energy.

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