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Dolphin Dive Center helps introduce 25 Veterans to Scuba Diving

(DiverWire) Last week, 25 physically-challenged US military veterans participated in a special scuba training program presented by Dolphin Dive Center in Sacramento, California. Dolphin Instructor William Holman put the program together with help from the VA and the Oceanic scuba equipment company.

While the participants had a variety of physical challenges, each of them was able to make it into the water to try breathing underwater. “The look on their faces was out of this world,” said Dolphin Scuba owner Mike Johnson. “The fun and energy that was expressed when each soldier got out of the water was priceless.”

Oceanic Worldwide has taken a significant role in helping to raise money to benefit physically-challenged military members. The company’s “USA Line” of products was introduced earlier this year with the specific goal of raising money to help veterans. Participants in the Dolphin Scuba event were able to use some of the special red, white and blue products that are part of the USA line.

Oceanic officials are talking with retail dive centers from coast to coast to offer programs similar to this for veterans. The goal is to teach adaptive scuba to as many physically-challenged veterans as possible. For more details on the Oceanic USA line, visit the company’s website.