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Scuba Diving Almanac and Record Book goes ONLINE

The online edition of the Diving Almanac & Book of Records was launched on February 1st and it is still the only record book and Who’s Who of the world scuba diving community. Rave reviews by new and veteran divers alike are unanimous: the Diving Almanac & Book of Records is a must-have resource for divers everywhere and now it is FREE.

The Diving Almanac & Book of Records presents information on every aspect of diving, including recreational, commercial, scientific and military activities. Now updated on a daily basis, it provides the most up-to-date information on diving demographics, hundreds of diving records and personalities, 6000+ years of diving history, training, medicine, equipment, marine biology and much more.

It also includes the Dive Business Directory, the most complete repertoire of the world diving industry, including manufacturers, federations and associations, diving media, trade shows and much more. The online edition now contains over 3000 articles, including 1200+ detailed business listings. Placement in the Dive Business Directory is FREE so contact us today.

Although the online version was launched only one week ago, some big changes are already in the works. Look for unique new features, more interactivity, and a completely redesigned Dive Travel Directory in the coming weeks.

Authoritative, wide-ranging and easy to use, the Diving Almanac & Book of Records is the world’s most complete and easily accessible reference on diving. More than 3000 articles containing facts, figures, maps, illustrations and video provide you with a unique world perspective of diving activities, the diving community, and underwater sciences. No other single publication or website offers such a wealth of information on as many diving-related subjects, and now it’s only a click away and it’s all FREE.


There is no cost to join. For more details visit the website at or send an email to

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