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It’s True-You CAN Dive With a Mermaid!

Weeki Wachee Feature

Have you ever wanted to dive with a mermaid? It’s not just a diver’s fantasy anymore! The historic Weeki Wachee Springs attraction north of Tampa, Florida actually has a program where divers are able to explore the deep fresh water springs, and it’s quite possible that they will also encounter a “mermaid” or two.

Allen Sherrod, the coordinator of Weeki Wachee Diving (, explains that the water around Weeki Wachee, which is clear and 74 degrees all year long, is perfect for divers of all levels.

The location, which was designated a state park by the state of Florida last year, has been around for more than 60 years. It’s hosted television stars and movie stars (including Elvis Presley).

The main attraction, in addition to the crystal clear waters, are the “mermaid” performers who entertain guests – thousands of them each year.

According to Sherrod, the dive operation is proving very popular with divers who travel from across the Southeast United States. Single divers or divers not affiliated with a local dive center are welcome. You just need to have a C-Card and you can dive with the mermaids.

“We have mermaid shows a couple of times each day, so divers aren’t able to dive during those brief times, but otherwise, the springs are ‘open’,” he says. “There are castles to explore, lots of nostalgia and even an occasional manatee that will swim into the area.”

Divers will frequently get the attention of the mermaids, who are often practicing between shows, to come over for photo opportunities. The colorful costumes, flowing tails and smiling faces make for great shots and an unforgettable experience.

“We work together to provide divers, guests and mermaids a great experience in the water-every day,” Sherrod said. “It’s amazing the number of people who want to get in the water after watching one of the mermaid shows. We’re lucky to have such a great attraction – I don’t think there’s anything else like it in the world.”

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