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Design Your Own Diver T-Shirt

Isn’t the point of all that scuba gear and travel to tell stories about diving? And how do people recognize a diver if who isn’t wearing the colors? Every diver has some kind of swag – a bumper sticker on their car, a coffee mug, a jacket, or even a dive flag flying at their house.  But that doesn’t mean having to settle with whatever is out there. Try designing a new shirt, and not only will it get mass-produced by, but the winner could also get a $500 gift certificate for their site!

Designing a scuba diver t-shirt doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are few existing shirts, to get the juices flowing:


To enter the t-shirt designing contest, contestants send their designs to All entries will be considered, and the winning entry will not only be posted on facebook, but will become an actual shirt available on Add to that a $500 gift certificate toward any item or combination of items on, and it’s time to strap on the thinking cap and start designing. Offer ends May 15th, 2014.