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DEMA works with Garmin company to expand DiveCaching program

(DiverWire) The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) has begun working with Garmin’s geocaching website, to promote the real-life environmentally-friendly, in-water game of DiveCaching. Opencaching has made it simple to log and find DiveCaches by adding a new “Diving” search tag to their cache locating website,
“We are extremely excited to be working with Garmin’s to further awareness of DiveCaching,” commented Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA. “Opencaching has made it easy to find and record DiveCaches by incorporating a “Diving” search tag to their online listings. We encourage those owning a DiveCache on other sites to also log their cache with a free account on”
Opencaching is a geocache listing site operated by Garmin, the leading, worldwide provider of navigation, communication and information devices and applications, most of which are enabled by GPS technology. Those hiding or finding geocaches underwater are encouraged to rate caches and register their DiveCaches on the diving landing page. Opencaching is a free membership site and anyone with a compatible GPS enabled device can upload, download and log caches. There are also free mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.
DiveCaching is an underwater variation of “Geocaching,” a game which has been played around the world for more than a dozen years by adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. The game uses a GPS device and simple search skills to locate hidden land-based caches, and DiveCaching adds the twist of caches and landmarks hidden underwater.
Here’s how DiveCaching works:
  • Divers hide a “treasure” or “cache” underwater and post the GPS coordinates and compass direction on
  • Other divers search for nearby DiveCache listings and their GPS coordinates and actually dive to locate the cache.
  • Once the cache is found, divers sign the log book included with the cache, often using a plastic slate or waterproof paper. The finder may also choose to photograph the cache, deposit an additional treasure in the container or simply return it to its original location.
  • After turning to the surface, the finders log their visit on, sharing their adventure on line with other divers searching for caches around the world.
There are many rewards for DiveCaching and everyone has their own favorite reason for participating.  Some will thrive on the fun and adventure of discovery.  Others enjoy exploring a new dive site or returning to one that they have not visited in a while.  Still others enjoy practicing their diving skills or using new skills in navigation or search and recovery, or just simply being with friends and family.  DiveCaching, combined with land-based geocaching is a great way to involve non-diving friends and family and get them interested in diving.
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