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Counting Down the Days until Chamber Day 2013 May 1

(DiverWire) Chamber Day & Eve 2013 events happen Wednesday, May 1. Have you signed up for the Day, Dutchman, Evening, or Challenge yet? If not, why not??? Your Chamber really needs you. We’re running a bit slow this year and really need to finish strong.

With Chamber Day, you can travel to Catalina for a day of diving and a tour of our Chamber. With the Flying Dutchman, if you can’t get away, you can “dive” the Dutchman (note: it’s not a REAL dive boat) and not only contribute to the event but also will get a unique Flying Dutchman Crew t-shirt.

At Chamber Evening, you can dine in the Great Hall of the Aquarium of the Pacific and explore this fabulous home to 12,000 aquatic creatures. And with the Chamber Challenge, you can make a direct donation to help keep the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber financially sound.

Chamber Day is the largest single-day charity event in the United States (and maybe the world), involving over 1,000 people who all believe in the need to keep our Chamber healthy. Your Chamber is there for you 365 days a year. We ask you to be there for your Chamber ONE day a year.

Sign up on-line at or over the phone by calling 310/652-4990