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Christian Scuba Divers volunteer in Roatan, Honduras

(DiverWire) Last month, the Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization (WCSDO) lead a team of 22 members from California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington, New York, Florida and Georgia, to Roatan, Honduras for a Scuba-Mission trip. In ten days they helped built a local church, worked at an orphanage, local villages, dump and prison to give food packages, water, Bibles, toys and many hugs. The team consisted of couples and singles, young and old, different states, cultures, languages and backgrounds. They all had two things in common; scuba diving and mission work.

The need is great: Roatan was chosen because of its wonderful diving experience, resorts and natural beauty. As soon as one steps outside the resort area poverty has overtaken the island. With high unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse the majority of families have experienced many tragedies. The living conditions consist of wooden shacks with 7-12 family members living in it. There is graffiti, broken glass and trash in plain sight. Human trafficking and gangs are rising on every street. Scuba divers don’t get to see any of this if they don’t leave the luxurious dive resort. This is why the WCSDO has stepped out to help the community behind the resort.

A glance of the trip: Every day was filled with different missions in the community outside of the resorts. Mornings began with prayer and breakfast as a family followed with an exciting dive trip. After lunch the group would start their mission with a quarter mile walk to Son Rise Church. The group was divided into smaller ministry opportunities; Vision Ministry, Church Building, Prison Ministry, Orphanage and Street Ministry. From playing with orphans to singing with prison inmates the WCSDO members were touched during these ten days. One mission after another the team set out in the South Central part of Roatan, ministering to the people about love and handing out Bibles, food, and Beanie Babies to the children.

The team: The volunteers varied from ages 25 to 75 years old and so did the skill level.  It didn’t matter because the teamwork was more important than the checklist. Those with more experience mentored those with none. The group bonded right from the beginning and became like one big family by the end of the week. During free time, team members snorkeled with dolphins, dove with sharks or sat in the swimming pool.

What is next: WCSDO is set for the next ScubaMission tirp to the Bahamas October 12th-21st, 2013. So contact them at  and mark your calendars now. WCSDO invites you, your friends and families to join the Bahamas ScubaMission Trip! View more work and pictures on Facebook:

For those who want to help the WCSDO reach more needy families there are many ways to do so:

  1. Send school supplies, backpacks or toys to fill Christmas stockings or any of the other school supplies.
  2. Donate online at under the “Donate” tab; or send checks to WCSDO Inc.