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Christian Scuba Divers Organization launches Christmas charity effort

(DiverWire) This year has given the Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization (WCSDO) much to be grateful for.  The first time participating at DEMA 2012 was very successful and an encouraging event for the WCSDO. 55 attendees, mostly dive shops, signed up for missions, partnership or local chapters. Raised over $600 for the Roatan Scuba Mission trip which brings the total to $2700 of $7000. “We now have grown to 350 members. We are thankful for our hardworking and enthusiastic members. Their dedication to this organization is an encouragement to move forward” says President and Founder Jim Mustoe.

To show gratitude towards members, the diving industry and community WCSDO has started a project called “Stuff Jesus’ Stocking”. The goal is to remind one of God’s great promises’ given to the earth; the life of Jesus. As this year is coming to an end it a great thing to remember all the good things in 2012; furthermore it is better to forward the blessing to others.

WCSDO, a young but rapidly growing non for profit Christian organization for scuba divers, is announcing 14 days of “Stuff Jesus’ Stocking” starting December 11th, 2012. WCSDO is challenging its members, DiveNewsWire readers and anybody who wants to bring some joy to their family, friends and community. The challenge is to stuff Jesus’ stocking by deeds, words and thoughts of love, peace and joy.  WCSDO will E-mail and Facebook daily a scripture to remind one of a life Jesus lived. “We hope the scriptures will remind our readers the life Jesus wants us to live. And that we live them!!! The goal is to prepare our hearts for this Christmas season. We want to remind the world that Jesus’ peace, self-sacrifice and compassion still abides on this earth” says Jim Mustoe.  If you would like to participate please join online at (under Join WCSDO), email at or post on their Facebook wall.

This is a very special time for Christians as it reminds them of the gift that God gave to a suffering world; the messiah, Jesus. Many have asked “What does it mean to serve God?” People have even asked Jesus to tell them what they should do, in order “to be doing the works of God?”  Jesus told them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent” (John 6: 29).  One’s first gift might start with belief. Others might be preparing their hearts with Jesus’ teachings and His way of life. “God has blessed this organization in a way I could have not imagined.  And this season we want to give Him a gift. The biggest gift we can give is to love Jesus with all our mind, heart and soul and to love each other. That is why we are doing the ‘Stuff Jesus’ Stocking’ project” explains Jim.

During the month of December, divers and non-divers are invited to join the “Stuff Jesus’ Stocking” conversation by posting what they are grateful for and how they blessed someone. Post messages on WCSDO Facebook wall or email at  If you want to learn more about this organization please visit their website or contact them.

Contact: Jim Mustoe

WCSDO Founder


Phone: 610.996.9968