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California Ships To Reefs Program host fund-raiser at SCUBA Show this weekend

SCUBA Show is once again partnering with California Ships to Reefs (CSTR) to make its 2012 annual fundraiser, “Casino de Mayo,” the nonprofit organization’s most successful event ever.

The party will be a highlight of the SCUBA Show weekend and, for the first time, will feature free admission to all attendees.  There will be music, gaming, raffles, auctions, food, beverages and the chance to win over $30,000 of fantastic prizes at the May 5, Long Beach Convention Center event.

“We’re proud to once again have the sponsorship and support of SCUBA Show for our fundraiser,” said Joel Geldin, Chairman and CEO of CSTR.  “This year the SCUBA Show has new ownership and the fact that we are part of this transition is particularly meaningful to us.  The show’s new owner, Mark Young, is offering CSTR the opportunity to have the party in the Seaside Ballroom of the Long Beach Convention Center, providing a more open and more exciting event.

“Our mission, to create a network of artificial reefs along the California coastline by sinking decommissioned ships and other materials, is vitally important to the diving community,” Geldin added.  “We think of this party as a Sinko de Mayo event,” he joked, “because it’s all about making new ship sinkings possible in California.”

“We want a first night show party that will be fun and open to all and provides fundraising for the important work of CSTR,” said Mark Young. “While the free admission opens the party to everyone, it provides more people who can take part in the gaming, raffles and auctions.  Come to party, come to help sink ships, or come for both.”

The CSTR SCUBA Show parties are always a great way to unwind, network with diving community members and relax after a day at the show.  The fun will begin immediately after the show closes on Saturday at 6 pm and participants can party on until 11 pm. This year will include some great new innovations, including the opportunity to win primo raffle and auction prizes without bidders needing to be present at the drawings and auction closings.  There will also be more gaming table.

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