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California Abalone

The California Abalone is a tale of abundance that lead to a steep decline. It was not long ago that Abalone in California were viewed as a non-depleting resource. One could provide dinner by diving and picking an abalone off of a reef. In fact, many claimed to have learned to dive simply to acquire abalone.

Since then, the California Abalone population dwindled to the point of becoming an endangered species. Overfishing and assumption of permanence caused this. High tag limits of up to 120 dozen per day did not account for the regeneration of abalone. Because of this, their plethora dropped to scarcity.

Efforts have been made to reintroduce Abalone into their native California waters. Specifically, they have been reintroduced into Casino Point and have found great success there. The good news is, Abalone live off of kelp, which is in bountiful in California Waters. So resurgence seems like a legitimate possibility, with current protections in place.

Here at, we are passionate about the sustainability of our natural resources. We encourage our customers to go check out California’s resurging Abalone population! Check out our dive store and then head to Casino Point to see for yourself! Watch our video feeding California Abalone here!