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Breathe Life Divewear captures the POSITIVE side of scuba diving

Avid scuba divers Robin Ford and his wife Teresa, spent some time during a recent trip to South Florida looking for some new diving apparel and sportswear. What the couple found was dark, uninspiring and, according to Robin, “depressing.”

“There is a lot of black, death and dark themes out there. That’s not what we want to wear,” he said. “There is a serious need for some positive and uplifting divewear. We looked but couldn’t find much, so decided to do it ourselves.”

Returning home to Panama City, Florida, the Fords decided to do something about the lack of inspirational scuba wear on the market and Breathe Life Divewear was born.

Working with several graphic artists who share their passion for scuba diving, three different designs have been created. The concept is to show the positive side of diving, along with the beauty that scuba divers experience on a regular basis.

“People have told us that they are glad to see people willing to share their faith,” Robin said. “It isn’t easy for people to show their faith and the shirts provide an opportunity for people to do.”

Ford said the goal is to produce dive wear that people would want to wear no matter what their faith is.

Taking the concept to the scuba diving industry directly, Breathe Life Dive Wear premiered earlier this month at the annual DEMA Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. The initial response was strong. Several dive stores signed up to distribute the product and plans are already being made to expand the product line with inspiring new designs.

For more details, visit the website Breathe Life Dive Wear

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