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Sheriff’s Award Presented to Larry Ogburn of Wateree Dive Center

(DiverWire) Lexington County Sheriff James R. Metts on Thursday, August 9 presented the Sheriff’s Award, which is the highest honor that the sheriff can bestow, to Larry Ogburn, owner of Wateree Dive Center, Inc. during an employee award ceremony that was held at the Lexington County Administration Building.  Larry is a life long resident of Camden, SC.

Sheriff Metts recognized Ogburn for his 23 years of service assisting the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Dive Team since its inception in 1989.

Larry has extended his expertise and friendship to their agency and other law enforcement agencies at local, state, and federal levels since 1979.  Larry, a humble and considerate man, would hardly reveal his significant impact upon Public Safety Diving and the sport of recreational scuba diving, which he had devoted and contributed over 53 years of his life.  He is a strong supporter of law enforcement and has consistently over the years offered the services of Wateree Dive Center when called upon at any time.  Larry’s contributions should not go unnoticed.