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Scuba Shack launches Diver Challenge for New England dive community

(DiverWire) Scuba Shack, a leading scuba diving training and educational facility in Rocky Hill, Connecticut continues to come up with unique and innovative ways to keep divers interested and motivated. The latest program from Scuba Shack is the 2013 Diver Challenge.

According to store owner Edward Hayes, the goal of the 2013 Scuba Shack Diver Challenge is to motivate customers to get in the water, sign up for additional training and perhaps even participate in some group travel adventures. “We’ve found that when you create incentives and challenges, like this, our customers respond. Every time someone participates in an event, they earn points. As they earn points, they become eligible for prizes and recognition.”

Hayes says it is simple for divers to participate. The first step is to sign up on Scuba Shack’s newsletter list and register to participate.   Diver Challenges activities will focus on continued Education, Experience and Equipment from now through December 31, 2013.

The goal? To earn as many activity/challenge points as possible. You can earn log activity / challenge points by participating in any of the following:

  • “Like” Scuba Shack’s FaceBook page: 100 points
  • Scuba Shack’s lead shore dives – 100 points (per day)
  • Scuba Shack’s lead charter dives (limited to space available) – 200 points (per charter)
  • Deco Lounge Presentations100 points (per presentation)
  • Scuba Shack’s world trips100 points (per each day of diving)
  • Scuba Shack’s courses: 300 points (per each class completed)
  • Equipment serviced by Scuba Shack: 50 points (per each regulator, bcd, and tank)
  • Purchasing of gear from Scuba Shack: 100 points (for every $250 spent)
  • Post / blog about the event you participated in and share it with Scuba Shack, FaceBook, Scuba Board, etc…: 100 points or 200 points if pictures or video are included (per event)
  • Refer a friend to take a Scuba Shack class: 300 points (your friend must register and complete the class / pool for points to be awarded)

All Dive Challenge activities must be reported to and verified by one of the participating Scuba Shack crew.  Participants will be required to track and log their activities over the 2013 season.  The activity leader for each event will have a participation stamp.

Reach 500 points and earn a Scuba Shack Drive & Dive Tour 2013 “Wet Rocks – Stay Dry” T-shirt.

At Scuba Shack’s January 2014 Deco Lounge / Customer Appreciation party, prizes will be awarded in order from highest to lowest points. Participants will have their choice of prizes.

Prizes include but not limited to and are subject to change:

  • Santi E. Space drysuit (stock or mtm) – donated by Ocean Edge Outfitters
  • HOG (Highly Optimized Gear) gear – donated by DIVING H2O
  • Go Pro hero camera – donated by … Nautilus Tattoo
  • Light & Motion Light – donated by …Light and Motion
  • DAN Rescue Pack – donated by Scuba Shack
  • Black Aluminum Back Plate – donated by DIVING H2O
  • 12’ of Halcyon “Stealth” webbing – donated by DIVING H2O
  • EEZYCut Trilobite – donated by …OceanEdge Outfitters

For more information about Scuba Shack, visit their WEBSITE.