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Oceanic Ventures Establishes the First Dive Cache in Texas

(DiverWire) Oceanic Ventures, a well-known Houston-area Dive Center, established the first Dive Cache in Texas at 288 Lake on 23 March 2013.  Staff member, Steven Soulen set-up the cache and is in charge of maintaining the cache.  The location of the cache and other information about it can be found at!geocache/OXZT91B

Like geocaching, the Dive Cache program is a way for individuals and groups to use their navigation skills to locate a secret “cache.”  These containers have some token items and a list of people who have discovered the cache.  The list of searchers is periodically posted to the main geocaching website,

Eric Keibler, Managing Director and Director of Education for Oceanic Ventures says, ‘this is a way for divers to practice their navigation skills and have fun doing it. ” According to Ann Keibler, President of Oceanic Ventures, “we saw that there were DiveCaches in a lot of other places in the United States but there were none in Texas.  Steve Soulen volunteered to establish and maintain the first in a series of Dive Caches that we hope to place in our local training lakes.  DEMA, the Diving Equipment & Manufacturing Association, the trade organization for the diving industry, has been promoting this program throughout the country but there were no Dive Caches established in Texas so we decided to step up and start the program ourselves.”

Eric and his wife Ann have developed Oceanic Ventures into the premiere dive operation in Texas.  As the first full service IANTD Technical Training Facility in Texas, Oceanic Ventures was the first Nitrox training facility, and the first Nitrox and Trimix blending facility in the area.  Oceanic Ventures remains the only IANTD Platinum Technical Training Facility in Texas and was awarded a Diamond Facility award from IANTD.  It is also an SSI Platinum Instructor Training Facility, a SDI/TDI Professional Development Center, and a PSAI Training Facility.  Oceanic Ventures is the only facility in the area with rebreather instructors on staff.  The Company’s staff remains the most qualified instructional staff in the industry with most of its instructors and dive coordinators having advanced certifications in Rebreather Diving, Cavern, Cave, Wreck, Technical and Trimix Training.

288 Lake is Houston’s premier freshwater sports training facility and outdoor event venue located about fifteen minutes south of downtown Houston.  The twenty-acre facility with its spring fed lake provides the perfect open water experience for scuba divers, kayakers and swimmers.