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Win $1,000 with new Texas-based Dive Caching promotion

(DiverWire) In tandem with the Dive Around Texas, initiative, the non-profit Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) has announced a local diving promotion using DiveCaching (underwater geocaching) to keep divers active and having fun.  The “Diving for Texas Treasure Challenge” is a Texas-based in-water game for divers and is designed to help support fun and easy local diving while providing retail businesses with a fun and competitive diving promotion using DiveCaching.

“The Diving for Texas Treasure Challenge is a new program we will test in the Texas market,” commented Tom Ingram, DEMA Executive Director. “It is designed to promote local diving by using a fun treasure hunt which requires diving, the use of technology and a few basic diving skills such as navigation.  Any retail dive center in Texas can promote the program by displaying the free counter card they’ll receive from DEMA and sharing the short promotional video.  To encourage local divers to participate in the Challenge, retailers located in Texas will receive a rack/counter card and holder from DEMA and are encouraged to promote the game to their customers both in the store and through their own marketing efforts.”

The fun of the Challenge is for divers to find a series of five DiveCaches hidden underwater in five different locations throughout Texas. Divers participate by registering for the Challenge with their local retailer or using the online form found on  Divers can use the descriptions and clues posted on, the free OpenCaching app (or a GPS) and an underwater compass to find the DiveCaches and be eligible to win $1,000!

DEMA is encouraging all local divers and retailers to  be involved in the 2013 “Dive Around Texas” game, and to use the Diving for Texas Treasure Challenge as part of Dive Around Texas.  Any Texas retailer can participate and all will be receiving a kit from DEMA to help promote the Challenge to their current customers and can learn more by visiting and