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Divers help turn old Christmas trees into artificial reefs in Arizona

(DiverWire) Ever wonder what happens to old Christmas trees? In Arizona, a local dive center is working with local officials to create artificial reefs.

For the last four years, divers affiliated with Inland Water Divers in Goodyear, Arizona have braved the chilly waters of Lake Pleasant outside of Phoenix to “re-task” Christmas trees following the holiday season.

According to Pete Wastak of Inland Water Divers, “We take the trees down to about 50 feet with the stands intact and secure them on the bottom to create a new habitat for the marine life in the lake. The result is an impressive underwater forest that provides a unique way to recycle the trees and create a beautiful underwater site for local divers.”

Lake Pleasant is a popular scuba diving site just outside of Phoenix. The lake provides an excellent local site for scuba diver training and recreation throughout the year. The site is in the Southwest part of the lake and is officially named Sunset Ridge but is affectionately known as Christmas Tree Reef by divers.



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