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DiVentures Scuba and Swim Center partners with shark research group

(DiverWire) DiVentures Scuba & Swim Center has just announced a partnership with Fins Attached: Marine Research and Conservation. This organization conducts research, promotes conservation and provides education for the protection of marine ecosystems.

DiVentures’ sponsorship will allow Fins Attached to invest in a new VEMCO VR100 ultrasonic telemetry & tracking receiver with a directional hydrophone and will help track sharks tagged at various research locations. “This piece of equipment will become a vital component to help Fins Attached with their research and conservation efforts.” Fins Attached Founder Dr. Alex Antoniou said.

“This is the beginning of a long-term environmental relationship with DiVentures. As dedicated partners we can make a dent on what is happening to sharks around the world,” Dr. Antoniou continued.

DiVentures’ stores in Omaha, NE and Springfield, MO are landlocked, but the company has a strong connection to sharks and the ocean.

“Nearly every diver we certify plans to experience the beauty of the ocean,” Marketing Director Jessica Williams said. “But with the shark population rapidly decreasing, the beauty of our oceans is at risk.”

While Fins Attached works to protect the marine ecosystem as a whole, much of the research is focused on sharks, the apex predators of the ocean. The major conservation efforts of Fins Attached include shark tagging to track migratory patterns, public awareness and education, and shark research expeditions.

“Fins Attached can make a tremendous impact on the future of our oceans,” DiVentures Master Scuba Instructor Pat Purkhiser said.

Purkhiser, a science teacher for the Papillion La Vista School District’s Zoo Academy and a long-time volunteer at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo’s Scott aquarium, firmly believes educating the younger generations about conservation is what will save our oceans.

Purkhiser and the entire DiVentures team are excited about the new partnership and the opportunity to help make a difference. DiVentures’ customers will see more shark education programs locally, as well as opportunities to join Fins Attached on shark research expeditions in Mexico, Costa Rica and other environmental hotspots.

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