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Bid on an authentic relic from the Andrea Doria wreck

(DiverWire) The Academy of Scuba is proud to announce today that its focus on the Dot Org initiative will benefit Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba (SUDS) throughout the Month.  The Dot Org initiative and website is dedicated to mobilizing divers around the country to help with charitable foundations, events, and promotions.  “Divers giving back to the community” is the overarching theme.  This month, the site is coordinating multiple charitable events and fundraisers benefiting SUDS. will be the central location for signing up for fundraisers, participating in raffles, learning about causes, and much more.  The “Main Event” for the month of January will be a raffle for a Plate from the Wreck of the Andrea Doria recovered by “Shadow Diver”, John Chatterton.  Participants will be able to purchase a raffle ticket for $5.  One winning ticket will be selected on January 29th.  100% of raffle proceeds from the event will be presented to SUDS in early February 2012.

The Andrea Doria was the flagship of the Italia Line and a source of Italian national pride post World War II.  On July 25, 1956, bound for New York City, the Andrea Doria collided with the eastward-bound Stockholm becoming one of history’s most famous maritime disasters.

Today the Andrea Doria lies at the bottom of the Atlantic in approximately 250 feet of water sixty miles south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. It has dramatically deteriorated since it first went to the bottom.

The plate will have an accompanying certificate of authenticity to certify that the artifact described herein was recovered by John Chatterton from the wreck of the Andrea Doria.

This artifact is identified as:
Dinner plate from second class dining room with ITALIA marking

“What an amazing and unique artifact from the Mount Everest of Scuba Diving,” said John Flanders, COO of the Academy of Scuba.  “It’s only fitting such an incredible prize benefit such a worthwhile cause.  We deeply appreciate John Chatterton’s contribution and look forward to seeing it help all the beneficiaries at SUDS,” Flanders added. is staffed by a committee of advisors who ensure the commitment is ongoing and monthly.  Committee members include both Academy of Scuba staff members and also independent individuals to ensure the deepest level of commitment on behalf of the initiative.  Anyone interested in working with the Committee should contact is easily accessible through traditional Web browsers and mobile applications. The “Dot-Org” site has streamlined information including contact information, information on fund raising events, and details of the charitable initiatives being supported.

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