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Academy of Scuba Launches Philanthropic Initiative

(DiverWire) The Academy of Scuba, Phoenix Arizona, is proud to announce today that it has launched a site dedicated to mobilizing divers around the country to help with charitable foundations, events and promotions.  “Divers giving back to the community” is the overarching theme.  The site will coordinate multiple charitable events and fundraisers benefiting a wide spectrum of charities.

While most philanthropic efforts in the dive community have a tendency to dedicate themselves to environmental causes and marine life protection, is intent on expanding that charitable attitude to foundations that are closer to home – and still work with efforts protecting the Marine Environment. will be the central location for signing up for fundraisers, participating in raffles, learning about causes and much more.  Every month will have a dedicated focus to helping a specific cause.  For the month of December, will be focused on raising charitable proceeds for the Salvation Army.  One event will be a raffle for an Atomic B2 Regulator.  Participants will be able to purchase a raffle ticket for $5.  One winning ticket will be selected on December 24th.  Net proceeds from the event will be presented to the Salvation Army before the end of 2011.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to work something as a united front … a real community,” said John Flanders, COO of the Academy of Scuba.  “The Academy of Scuba is proud to be a part of something so socially conscious! We believe this initiative is a strong commitment to helping others inside and outside the dive community,” Flanders added. is being staffed by a committee of advisors who ensure the commitment is ongoing and monthly.  Committee members include both Academy of Scuba staff members and also independent individuals to ensure the deepest level of commitment on behalf of the initiative.  Anyone interested in working with the Committee should contact is easily accessible through traditional Web browsers and mobile applications. The “Dot-Org” site has streamlined information including contact information, information on fund raising events, and details of the charitable initiatives being supported.

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