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Watching a Decade of Change in Roatan

(DiverWire) – She’s been working in the dive industry on the Caribbean Island of Roatan since 2001. Since that time, Mirta Marozzi has seen a lot. The one common thing she sees over and over again is opportunity. “Roatan has so many spectacular dive sites, but the local residents don’t realize the resources they have. That’s unfortunate.”

Originally from Europe, Marozzi isn’t about to let opportunity pass her by, especially when they involve diving, something she’s been doing for more than 15 years. The owner of Aqua Adventures Roatan, she recently landed one of the “prizes” of the local scuba industry being named the scuba diving supplier for the recently-opened Media Luna mega-resort on the East End of the island. Part of the worldwide Henry Morgan chain, Media Luna officials aim to take scuba diving on Roatan to a completely new level. Marozzi and her Aqua Adventures team are up for the challenge.

“The resort is near some of the best reefs on the entire island,” she says. “It’s exciting to be able to show new guests coming to Honduras some of our hidden treasures. It’s great to be here on the ground floor.”

Media Luna opened earlier this year and is fast gaining attention in the dive industry. But for Marozzi, it’s a welcome change from some of the diving horror stories of the past. “We’re very environmentally aware – teaching divers how to observe but not damage the reefs. In the past, there was not an emphasis on education. That is changing.”

A mother of three, she’s passion about education and children. “I enjoy providing an opportunity for people to make discoveries. My kids (8 and 6 with another on the way) may not be able to pick out states on a US map, but they CAN tell you about all different fish in our local waters.”

Marozzi is also helping local residents overcome their fear of the water. “People don’t like the water – they are scared of it. It’s important that we make an effort to show residents why they need to care about the local waters. That sometimes means teaching them to snorkel or scuba to see the reefs firsthand.”

She’s also helping the Media Luna staff to discover the underwater world. “We offer all the staff an opportunity to try scuba and become certified. Right now, we have two of our bartenders in a class.” The pair, she says with a smile, is being taught by one of her instructors who, ironically, is named Margarita – seriously!

“Aqua Adventures under Mirta’s direction is the perfect dive operation for the new Media Luna Resort,” said Rich Henry of “The location is ideal for divers, while topside virtually nothing compares to the amenities and accommodations of the Media Luna. The resort is fortunate to have Aqua Adventures, a PADI-affiliated Resort, on site.”

Aqua Adventures keeps Marozzi and her husband Gary very busy, but with a wealth of potential in front of them, watch for continued growth and interest in diving packages to Roatan soon. “The resort is beautiful. The reefs are spectacular and nearby, so the stage is set. Come back and ask me next year how things are going.”



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