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TRULY interactive underwater training in the Philippines

(DiverWire) – Continuing education has long been a part of recreational scuba diving. However, modern technology has now taken training to an entirely new level. Atlantis Resorts in the Philippines has recently add INTERACTIVE training to its roster of offerings for scuba diving guests.

According to Marketing Director John Boozer, guests can now sign up for guided tours and training using full-face masks for interactive, real-time communication with the guides during a dive. “Working with OTS, we now have a supply of Guardian full-face masks with Buddy Phones. We’re pleased to be among the first resorts in our region to offer this unique amenity.”

Boozer said the first program would involve staff naturalist and in-house marine biologist Marco Inocencio who will provide guided nature tours for diving guests. “There is so much to see in the local waters that having a personal tour like this not only enhances the experience, but it also provides divers an opportunity to perhaps see things they might have overlooked at first,” Boozer points out.

The technology will also be available for underwater photographers, he adds. “Underwater photography has come a long way and new technological advances are a major reason why. Naturally, we’re going to use new technology with our guests who enjoy photography. The communication units allows for one-way and interactive dialog between our photo pros and the guests. We have received a lot of initial interest in these unique opportunities.”

The underwater communications gear may be new to some divers. Initial instruction and training with the units is included with the price of the package, which is not part of the normal diving packages from the resort. Divers wear an eye piece to listen to the instructor, who wears a full face mask.

Atlantis Resorts includes two properties in the Philippines (Atlantis Dumaguete and Atlantis Puerto Galera) and a popular live-aboard vessel (Atlantis Azores). For more details about the expanding diving technology and unique underwater experiences at the resort, visit the website at or call

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