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TEK Week 2012 set for Grand Cayman this August

(DiverWire) Attention advanced and technical divers – TEK Week 2012 has been scheduled for August 27 – September 3, 2012 at DiveTech@Cobalt Coast on Grand Cayman.

This annual event delivers world class diving on the North wall & Northwest Point, where sheer walls and hundreds of dive sites await participating divers including dives on the world famous Kittiwake wreck! According to event officials, participating divers will be diving with professionals from the technical diving world, the underwater camera world and even a world-class underwater photographer.

“When you sign up for TEK Week 2012, you will be able to test the latest in underwater housings, strobes and cameras courtesy of Reef Photo & Video and Nauticam. You will also be able to dive with well-known dive industry personalities Stephen Frink, Ryan Canon & Chris Parsons while learning about new products and technologies, or test out a Semi or fully Closed Circuit Rebreather,” said Nancy Easterbrook from DiveTech.

This event is open to recreational and technical OC and CCR divers, with profiles for everyone from shallow reefs to sheer deep walls & wrecks. New photo buffs and experienced shooters are all welcome!

During the week, participants can try new products including Nauticam housings for the Nikon D7000, Canon 7D, Canon Rebel T3i, and Sony NEX-5. In addition, Easterbrook said Closed Circuit Rebreather divers would be able to try new models including Evo, GEM, Inspiration, KISS, Meg, O2ptima, Poseidon, rEvo, Sentinel, Titan and Xplorer Sport

For a complete list of all the activities, dates, arrangements and booking details, go to TEK Week 2012 Grand Cayman

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