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Popular Divi Bonaire General Manager announces retirement

(DiverWire) Sara Matera, the well-known and popular General Manager at Divi Flamingo Beach resort on Bonaire, has announced her retirement from the Resort. “It was a great seven years, and the most fun I had was in building an excellent management and line staff team” said Sara.

Sara came to Bonaire in 1988 from the USA and opened the very popular Green Parrot restaurant.  After Hurricane Lenny’s backlash took out the restaurant, she moved to Aruba and worked for the Renaissance as Director of Seaport Conference Center and Events. In 2004, she moved back to Bonaire. Sara was hired as the GM for the Divi Flamingo in January 2006, where she made it one of the top resorts on Bonaire in all aspects.  The resort has been consistent with leading TripAdvisor scores and continued top guest services and group repeat business.

Sara is known for her enormous input and perseverance in respect of projects for the youth on Bonaire.  She is a member of Rotary Club Bonaire.  Past president of Bonhata for 4 years and remained on the Board and several committees. For the last 10 plus years she has been active in the field of tourism & culinary advancement through industry internships and training programs in Italy, making it possible for kids from Bonaire to get a world-wide educational experience.  She has personally helped in social and professional development of staff and their families.

Sara will be greatly missed but the “Carnival has not stopped.”  She lives on the island so you haven’t seen the last of her.