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Karol Meye in Bonaire

Karol Meyer sets world freediving record at Buddy Dive Bonaire

(DiverWire) A new world record was set today at Buddy Dive Resort on the island of Bonaire. Karol Meyer, a world-class freediver set the new mark as part of an annual freediving event at Buddy Dive.
Karol Meye in BonaireThe Brazilian athlete surpassed the previous world record in 8meters, reaching a depth of 68.9m in the competitive class called Skandalopetra. This discipline recalls the history of the freediving and the ancient Greek sponge fishermen. 

This is eighth world record set by Karol Meyer. She has participated in freediving events at Buddy Dive for the last four years. This is the second time she has set a world record at the resort.

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