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Dive shot from Cathy Church

First Cathy Church UW Photo Fest adds extra spots for May event

(DiverWire) Officials at Sunset House on Grand Cayman have just announced that there are a few limited last-minute spaces that have opened up for the first Cathy Church Underwater Photo  Fest, May 7-14, 2011 . A well-known and recognized figure in the scuba diving industry, Church’s passion for underwater photography can be seen in magazines, books and publications around the world.

This event promised to be something special. According to one Sunset House official, “We’re going to allow participants extra long bottom times and an extra tank of air until your time is up!  You do not have to stop taking pictures and end your dive because you used up air.  You dive, shoot, come up to the stern of the boat where the incredible crew of Sunset Divers will change your tank and give you some water and fruit—you don’t even have to get out of the water, then, go right back to the incredible subject that you have not finished photographing.”

Church and her professional staff will offer several short photo lessons in the afternoons, covering the basics of underwater photography, composition, strobe lighting and Cathy’s favorite – critter talk.  Emmy award winning video editor Tony Mark will teach video techniques and video editing.  Depending on your interest, group critiques can be a great way to explore new ideas.

There will be a great photo contest will lots of fun prizes.  Most importantly, there will be a category to suit each photographer!  A person shooting a point and shoot system will not be competing against a photographer with a professional level system.

Nowhere else can you find the quality and style of photo friendly diving that you will enjoy at this Cathy Church Photo Fest at Sunset House in Grand Cayman.  No one has the incredible enthusiasm and experience of Cathy and her staff.  A member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and a NOGI Award winner, Cathy Church is foremost a teacher, generously offering her 45+ years of experience to every student – no matter what their level or equipment.

This event is the first of what promises to be a very popular annual event.

Watch the SUNSET HOUSE video:

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