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Divi Flamingo Bonaire Plans Divers “REUNION” this June

(DiverWire) Divi Flamingo Beach resort on Bonaire has quite an extensive history. This year marks 60 years of Bonaire hospitality serving scuba divers and watersports enthusiasts. To help with the celebration, Divi is bringing back many of the popular “legends” who have helped make the resort such a special place for divers.

Scheduled for June 16-23, the special “Legends” week features well-known industry figures including Peter A. Hughes, Alan Jardine, Harry Ward, Craig Burns and Max Hillier. Divers who have visited Bonaire over the years will recognize some of these names, who all worked the popular dive sites near Divi Resorts leading dives, managing the dive operation and much more.

According to Bonnie Hanley of Divi Resorts, “A lot of people have invested a portion of their careers in diving to make Divi Flamingo the popular resort it is today. We’re taking this opportunity to celebrate their contributions AND also invite former Divi customers and divers to come back and relive some of their great Bonaire experiences.”

Current Divi Flamingo General Manager Sara Matera has spent a great deal of time planning special events including the “Legends” week. “Bonaire is a special place and this anniversary is certainly something we are very proud of. It’s a reason to come back to Bonaire to help us celebrate.”

This event is just a part of a year-long celebration presented by the Resort. Hanley said the resort is currently looking for photos, videos and stories from former guests who have visited and dove at Divi Flamingo Beach. If you have something to contribute to the celebration, send an email to