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Divetech Grand Cayman named PADI RecTec Training Center

(DiverWire) Divetech in Grand Cayman has been awarded the prestigious rating of PADI TecRec Center. One of the first dive operations in the world to receive this honor, Divetech is now able to offer professional level training in the full range of PADI Technical Courses.

The technical team at Divetech, headed up by senior Instructor Steve Tippetts along with Instructors Nathan Coldham, Anton Swanepoel, Christian Fisher and Jeffrey Wojtowicz are gearing up to offer the full range of TecRec courses from Discover Tec through Tri-mix for open circuit divers wishing to explore deeper depths or longer bottom times with safe decompression diving practices. We are also awaiting the imminent release of the PADI Rebreather programs later this year.

“The entry of PADI into the technical sport diving marketplace in both OC and CCR programs is very exciting. PADI has a large market share and many divers wish to stay with the PADI training curriculum. It’s taken PADI a while to release the programs as they have a long and through process of bringing any new programs to the marketplace. But now with the option for recreational divers to explore beyond the traditional recreational limits and the soon to come Rebreather courses means great things for the marketplace overall” commented Nancy Easterbrook.

Steve Tippetts added “The full range of PADI Technical Courses will be available in addition to our current certification offerings, creating a new growth in the market that will be good for destinations, dive shops and customers alike. It’s a logical assumption that with more divers getting into this sport, that equipment, courses, training, and travel options will only continue to grow, become even safer and allow more support and flexibility to the diving customer.”

The PADI TecRec courses run from 4 to 6 days, starting with Tec 40 (130 feet) through Tec 65 (210 feet) on mixed gases or progression onto the full Tec Trimix Diver, diving in the 300 foot range. Divers progress through the certification levels to match their diving goals. “Many divers are not interested in going deep, but rather are interested in the courses to be able to spend 45 minutes at 100 feet, for example, instead of the typical 20 minutes on air that is allowed.” With decompression gases that have higher oxygen contents also being used, divers can take advantage of the natural multi-level topography in Grand Cayman to get the most from their dives and minimize in-water decompression time” said Nancy.

Exploring the deeper walls and wrecks in Grand Cayman excites divers to be able to see the sponge belt, take a tour of the Carrie Lee, deco the last hour on the Kittiwake and dive where few have ever gone before. “The deep walls are just pristine, with huge sponges and lots of friendly visitors to keep divers entertained. “The warm water and clear visibility, with easy access to deep water just minutes off shore makes Grand Cayman an ideal training and diving destination for divers of all levels. We are excited to be able to offer this new program from PADI to help grow this market” stated Nancy.

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