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scuba diving in Bonaire

Dive Friends Bonaire re-opens newly renovated Retail Store

One of the three retail stores in Kralendijk operated by Dive Friends Bonaire, the Dive Retail Outlet, has just reopened after extensive renovations.  The store is sporting a spiffy new, expanded look, and with new items in stock designed to appeal to scuba diving travelers coming to the island of Bonaire for a diving vacation.

scuba diving in BonaireSince the area of Kaya Grandi on the island of Bonaire has undergone extensive street repairs over the last few months, Dive Friends took the opportunity to completely remodel the building housing this popular retail store.  The building has a new roof, new street display windows, and, inside, walls have been removed to open up the space which previously consisted of many small rooms.

Now that there’s more room for stock, the store has also expanded their ScubaPro and Subgear lines, adding in even more dive computers, regulators, fins, BCDs, and wetsuits for sale.  Dive Friends will be attending the upcoming DEMA dive trade show, and have announced the Dive Retail Outlet will have some new and exciting items available here on Bonaire after the show.

(Source:  Dive Friends Bonaire/Bonaire Insider)

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