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Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire hosts major Free Diving event in July

(DiverWire) For the third consecutive year, Buddy Dive Resort will be the site of a major free diving event. The Buddy Dive Freediving event 2011, hosted by the famous Brazilian freediving, Karol Mayer will be held later this summer.

Brazil's Karol Mayer travels to Bonaire
Freediving champion Karol Mayer travels to Bonaire in July

Karol broke 7 world records in her career (e.g. Guinness Book of Records 2011 – Static Apnea 18min and 32sec, World Record – Tandem no Limits 121m of depth,  South American Record – Variable Weight 93m of depth) and she is considered one of the most complete athletes in the sport history.

From July 31st till August 14th 2011, Buddy Dive welcomes Karol again as the main event presenter. This year she will host evening presentations that will allow her to share her exciting adventures, special workshops including “Breathing/Apnea Tips” and also two days of Freediving Clinics.

The water in and around Bonaire is ideal for freedivers. With typically calm waves and comfortable temperatures, freedivers are finding Bonaire to be an exceptional choice for training, competition and recreation. For more details about the 2011 event at Buddy Dive Resort, visit the website at

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