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The Consulting Adventurer Presents: Paracord Survival Bracelet, Nautilus Lifeline, and More

The Consulting Adventurer is here to bring out the daredeviling, barnstorming, wavecrashing adventurer inside of you and equip him or her with the proper gear at non-adventurous prices. You want to know who goes into the wild without any equipment? Chipmunks, which are riddled with disease. Don’t be a chipmunk. Be an Adventurer.

Paracord Survival Bracelet


You’ve leaped into crystal clear Hawaiian water, lit in orange tones by a weary sun. The air tastes like a mermaid’s kiss. Every piece of gear has been checked and double-checked, and you find yourself wrapped in a warm cocoon of preparation. On your wrist is a Paracord Survival Bracelet, strapped there not only for the rugged look it grants you but for the feeling of safety it instills.

Good thing, too, because one of the many straps on your BC breaks, the clip worn out from a lifetime of adventure. Or you’ve forgotten the lanyard for your expensive camera and face losing it in the deep, the breath-taking pictures inside enjoyed only by Davy Jones himself. But instead you laugh, push your damp hair out of your face, and unwind the Paracord Survival Bracelet on your wrist. Just like that, dive-ruining disasters become “knot a problem.”

OCTOMASK Single Lens Mask with Camera Mount


The undersea world unfurls before, alien and strange and beautiful. The sight of coral splashes across your eyes, a riot of colors and shapes. Tropical fish in garish colors, silver dolphins cutting the water. Your Octomask the perfect seat for your GoPro camera, recording memories you can truly share without a single hand to operate it.

4GB USB Drive


Bring 4GB of your memories with you. If a picture tells a thousand words, this little guy will save you a lot of breath. Share files, music, and videos on the go, because sharing is caring. Uses USB 2.0, which is better, stronger, and faster than USB 1.0.

Nautilus Lifeline GPS Radio


The sea is a fickle creature, gorgeous and chaotic in equal measures, calm one moment and enraged the next. A Nautilus Lifeline GPS radio on your belt is an invisible safety rope to civilization. Marine VHF radio, GPS, all at the touch of a button. Dare the waves, but the professional daredevil is never without a plan.