Jillian Morris

Jillian Morris is a marine biologist, shark advocate, professional videographer, Scuba instructor, photographer and lover of all things water. She grew up on the water in Maine and has wrapped her life around the ocean. Jillian and her husband run a conservation media company called Oceanicallstars with sharks being the focal point. She travels the world to film, research and educate people about sharks. When not traveling, Jillian writes for numerous publications and spends as much time in the classroom educating students about shark conservation as she can. Follow her adventures on her blog (www.shark-girl.blogspot.com ), website (www.shark-girl.com) Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sharkgirl) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/SharkyJillian)

August 21, 2009 Jillian Morris 0

SHARK LAB: An Update from the Bahamas

 Jillian Morris, our SHARK correspondent in the Bahamas has just filed this report:  Duncan Brake and I recently spent 2 weeks at the Bimini Biological Field Station, filling in as assistant managers. The BBFS ( Sharklab) was started in 1990 by Dr. Samuel Gruber and has been pioneering shark research…

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July 19, 2009 Jillian Morris 0

On Location With OceanicAll-Stars at SHARKLAB

 One of the best parts of being in the Bahamas with the Oceanic All-Stars is the opportunity to make a difference. This week, were able to get involved with the Bimini Biological Field Station, affectionately known as SHARKLAB. Here's a quick report from our time on the water with SHARKLAB!…

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