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World Record Setting Free Diver Martin Stepanek Joins AERIS SCUBA Team

AERIS has announced that world record setting freediver Martin Stepanek, has joined the AERIS product development and marketing team.

The culmination of discussions that has been underway for many months, this new agreement provides AERIS with important access to Stepanek for the development and the introduction of the F.10 free diving wrist computer.

“Martin is a phenomenal athlete and AERIS is fortunate to have someone with his skills, knowledge, expertise and desire join our team. More importantly, Martin showed us an area where freedivers could benefit from our advanced technology,” said Doug Krause, AERIS Marketing Manager.

The F.10 freedive computer is in the final stages of development, is slated for release in the next few weeks. Stepanek has used various versions of the F.10 in training and competition and will be very involved in the product’s upcoming launch.

For more information on Martin Stepanek, visit his website at

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