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Whats in your toolbox
January 17, 2016 Staff Writer

Spare Air – The Best Item in Your Scuba Toolbox

By Melinda Herndon, Director eScuba Pty Ltd and Dive Instructor I purchased my first Spare Air during my inaugural year of diving…directly after a much more experienced dive buddy had an out of air emergency and scared the heck out of me by grabbing my primary and bringing me to the surface too fast. I was so freaked out, that it…

December 1, 2014 Staff Writer

Black Seadevil

Sailing silently thought the dark, a remote operated vehicle catches what researches believe are to be the first ever seen images of the elusive and rare Black Seadevil angler fish alive at their natural depth. “Fewer than half a dozen have ever been captured on film or video by deep diving research vehicle” says MBARI (The Monterey May…